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Milk first, or milk last?

 On a recent Tactical Tea Facebook Poll, we asked the question 'What’s the absolute, only possible, 100% accurate, definitive way to make a brew, with peak performance in mind?!'.

 So, what is the absolute, only possible, 100% accurate, definitive way to make a brew, with peak performance in mind?! 

 *Please take these as tongue in cheek, and don't feel offended, although some of your brew making is questionable!*

 Stephen went balls deep with this response, 'If it’s in a cup, water first, from a tea pot, milk first!'. This is a fair point Stephen, we aren't savages from America, as Rob kindly points out. Milk shouldn't go anywhere near the bag before water! Fair point indeed, a solid 8/10 in brew performance.

 Rob has made a gleaming comment here... 'Putting milk in first if you brew in the cup lowers the temperature of the liquid and the fat particles in the milk inhibit the brewing process. Only savages like the Americans and the Royal Military Police do this...'. True on many levels; many, many levels. 9/10 for the RMP comment alone.

 Paul hit the nail on the head a few times with this one... 'Real tea (thats black tea for all you uneducated people) is becoming quite difficult to get in some parts of the UK these days. 😬 And I have to put in two tea bags for each cup these days as they appear to only put in 1/2 teaspoon per bag. I hate WWW tea. Thats old slang for Warm, Weak, Wet, by the way.' Damn tea companies, skimping on tea, jacking on the blokes, putting our tea-drinking heritage on the line for profits. Fuck those guys. Luckily, TT does it a little differently, 'We hear you Paul, most large companies skimp out on leaf grammage in each bag. If you cast your mind back to the great PG Tips scandal of 2015, they dropped 0.2g overnight to save themselves some cash. Now here comes the best part, our WW2 Brew contains more tea than industry leaders, which is why it’s a great brew, for great blokes (and women)! 🇬🇧'. Damn straight.

 Marcus gets top points for this one, 'I prefer my water heated in a copper bottomed pan. When the first bubble breaks the surface the water is ready. Steep the tea, in a pot, for 3-4 minutes. Transfer to cup and enjoy.'. I think Marcus might be royalty with such technique, top effort, top marks from TT. 10/10, no messing around here.

 Mike (Zero Fucks Mike to his friends) does not care for copper-bottomed pans at all... 'Who gives a toss, it all gets mixed up in the end! I put milk in first then as I pour boiling hot water in, it stirs it all up for me! Job done!'. Fair point, not everyone is a fine-tuned tea drinking machine, some are tea-drinking machines from the start!


 We enjoyed this post, look forward to many, many, more. (I award myself minus points for using 'look forward to'). 

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 Happy Brewing,


 The Tactical Tea Team

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