Thin Brew Line - Two Pack
Thin Brew Line - Two Pack

Thin Brew Line - Two Pack

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  • Thin Brew Line
  • Two Packs for Maximum Performance 
  • Bobby Approved
  • A Bold, Modern Blend of Kenyan Leaves
  • 80 Individual Tea Bags
  • Includes a free Brews & Bren Guns Sticker
  • Dedicated to The Thin Line Services
  • Will bring you back from the brink at 0345hrs on a 14-hour shift

This is a Pre-Order purchase, get excited, tell your mukkas! Your order will be fulfilled on 10.02.19!

Thin Line Brew is a bright, strong and flavourful blend of Kenyan Leaves. They're sourced from East of the Rift Tea Estates which are regarded as producing the best pure indigenous tea from Kenya. 

Tea was first grown in Kenya from 1903 but grew in popularity in the mid-1920s. We're glad to share it with the Thin Line Services and thank you for making this Nation great.

Thin Brew Line has around 3.2g of tea per individual bag, making it WAY stronger than industry leading tea companies. 80 teabags are held within the delightful, heat sealed for freshness, pouch.

For those new to Tactical Tea, here's our product development and fulfillment angle... You'll get an update in a similar style with a couple of order emails!

Each Tactical Tea tea-bag is delicately hand-stitched by a cohort of carefully trained, and not to mention deadly, magical Wood Elves. They dedicate their lives to make sure your tea tastes as ally as possible. When they're not lovingly crafting each bag of tea, they're in the woods, practicing their high speed-low drag weapon drills.

Each one of our highly trained Wood Elves is dressed head-to-toe in Crye, and personally trained in the art of packing tea, and slotting bad guys, by Mr Tumnus himself. Don't let his fantastic acting in Narnia fool you, he's a bad-ass, karate chopping, Tactical Tea drinking machine. He doesn't mess around. Your tea WILL be packed like it's 1945 and Hitler is hiding in the Reichstag like the little b*tch he was.

Every Tactical Tea label is hand-placed by a select team of 23 highly trained individuals. They must be qualified in 3 different forms of martial arts, hold a Bachelors degree in label placing, and be able to hold their breath for at least 8 minutes. Some might call them, the 'A-Team', but we like to call them by their code names, Clive, Geoffrey, Maurine, and Philip. Yes, it gets confusing. But it's an intricate system that we have tweaked to ensure each label is placed with the care and attention of a doting mother, who cares for each package and label as if it were their own.


 Please note that we are NOT currently shipping outside of the UK (BFPO EXEMPT). This will change in the very near future!

 Please allow 3-5 working days for your Tactical Tea to arrive. But we'll dig out blind for it to arrive sooner.

 For large orders (over 20 bags) or wholesale enquiries please email the Tactical Tea Team at

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