Brews & Bren Guns 'Essence' Mug - Enamel
Brews & Bren Guns 'Essence' Mug - Enamel

Brews & Bren Guns 'Essence' Mug - Enamel

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Tech Specs:

  • Enamel
  • 340ml
  • Hardy-as-Fuck
  • Perfect for throwing around the field
  • Ally Brews & Bren Guns Logo
  • Confirms you actually are Essence, despite what everyone says.

Now for the fun stuff...

Clive has been working hard, real hard. If you're not familiar with Clive and the gang...1. You should be. And 2. Check out our Blitz Brew Product description. Back to the gang. They've grafted for the last 26 years to ensure these mugs are the pinnacle of warm-liquid, specifically tea transportation. David Coulthard himself has taken these bad boys out for a swirl to ensure that they can handle your brew drinking requirements at the highest speed possible. You guessed it, High Speed-Low Drag, Belt-Fed Brews.

Did we mention they're essence? Just like you. No longer will you need outside confirmation that you aren't rats. Tactical Tea has you covered, we'll remind you every time that you take a smug swig of tea whilst your Oppo jealously stares at you, wishing that it was in fact 'They' who were the essence one.

One last thing. These are not fucking dishwasher proof. Don't try it, don't think we're lying and put it in the dishwasher anyway. They are not dishwasher proof. Please wash them lovingly, as you would treat your rifle. Well, maybe not like that but you get the gist.

These are speedy as fuck and will not hang around. Get them whilst they're hot.