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Tactical Tea is run by five serving, or ex, soldiers. We all grew up in the military, learning the ways of Tommy, how he thinks, how he acts, and what's important to him.

 It's been a long old road getting to where we are today. Here's a bit of an insight into the journey.

Two years ago, I realised that as Brits, and as soldiers, we have a desire for a toppers brew. Nothing beats putting the kettle on and taking a condor moment, it can put things into perspective easily. My personal love for a good brew and a yearning to bring a strong, well-rounded brew to the men and women of HM Forces is what created Tactical Tea.

 This is Tommy, he's our ethos and the heart of why we love Tactical Tea. He won't do things half-hearted, he's the embodiment of national pride and won't stop until our tea is sitting on the shelf of a supermarket near you.

 We're a tight team who all hold a shared love of an amazing product, a fantastic story, and bringing something cool to the ever-deserving military community.

 Over the coming months, we'll be releasing a bunch of new teas and new products. We always put quality over quantity, so hold-tight, whilst we taste the best tea from around the world, source the best products, and deliver the goods to your-fine-self.

 Thank you for supporting Tactical Tea.

 I'm dedicated to making sure you get the best possible brew and have the best time whilst doing so.

 Anyway, that's a bit about TT, and who we are. 

 Have a fantastic day, and get the kettle on!

 For general queries/sales contact Ted -

 - Alex & The Tactical Tea Team

 (Here's a phot of Boris getting b*lls deep in some Blitz Brew)


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