"The best tea I've ever tasted" - Tommy

The Campaign

What is The Campaign?

The Campaign is a full fledged battle to end the war on bad brews. At the end of every month, we'll be releasing either; a delicious new blend of whole leaf tea, some awesome merch, or some good news. At the end of each month one of these will drop like it's hot.

Tommy's on a mission, he's going to be visiting lots of different battlefields and lots of different campaigns all around the world. Whilst he's there he'll be trying the local brews, we'll be bringing them to you for your brewing pleasure.

Stand By for ridiculously amazing tea, they're all high-quality, whole leafed, tea bagged blends, the only catch with our "Campaign Tea", is that they're limited edition. After Tommy has visited each location, you won't be able to get your hands on it again.

Our "Old-School" (Blitz & TBL) range of teas will still be available all-year round. We're building this out to more blendsblends of tasty brews so you can get your brew on more than ever before.

The Campaign So Far...

  • August - OP GARDEN PARTY New Blend Launch
  • September - Tactical Tees Merch Drop, Ending The War On Bad Brews t-shirt.
  • October - OP GUNPOWDER FUSION New Blend Launch
  • November - New tea inbound for a bit of Christmas Cheer! 

At the end of The Campaign, Tommy will go home and put the kettle on for one last time. There's no firm date on when he'll be finished with his campaign... Yet.

Enjoy The Campaign, get involved and join the fight. Remember, all Campaign Blends are limited edition. They will not be released again!

Any questions on The Campaign, send us a DM on Instagram, or email - info@tactical-tea.co.uk

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