Brews & Bren Guns 'In-Camp' Mug - Ceramic
Brews & Bren Guns 'In-Camp' Mug - Ceramic

Brews & Bren Guns 'In-Camp' Mug - Ceramic

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Tech Specs:

  • Ceramic
  • 8oz
  • Will make your admin 10x faster

These ceramic mugs are for the office, guardroom, or the block, you'll be the speediest motherf*cker in your dept. Sick and tired of the howling Guardroom mugs, or the weird stained Mr. Tickle mug that's been in the kitchen since the '70s? Grab a real mug and enjoy the face of your mates as they turn green with envy.

One last thing. These are not fucking dishwasher proof. Don't try it, don't think we're lying and put it in the dishwasher anyway. They are not dishwasher proof. Please wash them lovingly, as you would treat your rifle. Well, maybe not like that but you get the gist.

Note: These do it have our Essence wording on the base due to the shape of the ceramic base. Essence enamel mugs will be available soon!