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OP Anzac Honour

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      Op Anzac Honour


  • Tommy Approved.
  • A Rooibos blend with sweet and creamy notes, desiccated coconut with hints of oaty biscuits.
  • Premium Herbal Infusion.
  • One month supply, 30 Individual Tea Bags.
  • SOILON® biodegradable pyramid teabags.
  • A brew that will see you through the assault.

Anzac Cove, 1915. 

April 25th, orders are to storm the beach and create a beach head for the Gallipoli Campaign.

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were trained in Egypt before shipping to the Gallipoli peninsula to push the Turks back and take Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire capital. 

Tommy is fully bombed up, plenty of biscuits to dunk in his tea and ready on the landing crafts for the first wave of the assault. 

An Anzac biscuit is made from rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, water and sometimes desiccated coconut. There are claims that the wives and sweethearts of the soldiers sent these biscuits for morale. They kept well during the naval voyage and didn't spoil easily. 

Others claim they were never sent to the soldiers, but just enjoyed at home. 

Either way, they taste amazing and we have recreated this incredible flavour in out blend. 

Op Anzac Honour is a creamy and sweet Rooibos blended with desiccated coconut, Bee pollen, brown rice flakes and natural flavouring. 

This brew can work well with our without milk. Try both and let us know how you get on. 

Op Anzac Honour has 2.5g of premium caffeine-free herbal ingredients per individual bag. We use SOILON® biodegradable pyramid mesh teabags made from poly lactic acid polymer resin by lactic fermentation of glucose, derived from corn starch, by an enzyme and polymerization (basically it's good for the planet i.e ally AF) Our tea bags use an innovative pyramid design which is essential in a number of ways and help to ensure optimum brewing.

30 teabags are held within the delightful, heat-sealed for freshness, pouch.

How about enjoying this with a block of flapjack covered in cream.

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