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OP Emerald Dawn

Product image 1OP Emerald Dawn
Product image 2OP Emerald Dawn

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  • Tommy Approved.
  • A classic Japanese Green Tea blended with toasted rice.
  • Whole leaf tea.
  • One month supply, 30 Individual Tea Bags.
  • SOILON® biodegradable pyramid teabags.
  • A liberated brew that will make you feel free and fresh with every sip.

December 7th, 1941.

The attack on Pearl Harbour was devastating, however simultaneously the Imperial Forces of Japan were preparing to attack multiple locations. 

December 8th, 1941.

The forces defending Hong Kong were attacked by 60,000 ruthless and fanatical Japanese troops. 

Amongst the defending forces were British, Indian, Canadian sailors, soldiers and airmen along with civilians of many nationalities. 

After 17 days of brutal fighting and courageous resilience, the colony fell to the Japanese and those defending Hong Kong surrendered on Christmas Day.

Those surrending, now POWs, where marched or shipped out of Hong Kong and sent to Japanese prison camps located throughout the Japanese controlled areas of Asia. 

Tommy has been sent behind enemy lines to locate the POW camps. His mission is to extract one POW at a time, under darkness to avoid suspicious and detection, then get them back to friendly lines. 

When the opportunity arises, Tommy has orders to disrupt and destroy all enemy supply lines and liberate any equipment and weapons. If the enemy tea supply is discovered, which is their main morale booster, this is to be confiscated, sent back and distributed amongst the troops. 

Op Emerald Dawn is a light Japanese green tea blended with toasted rice which gives a popcorn like aroma and slightly sweet taste. This is the Japanese equivalent to the much loved English Breakfast, consumed daily across the nation by millions. 

No need for milk in this brew....just don't. 

Op Emerald Dawn has 2.5g of whole leaf tea per individual bag. We use SOILON® biodegradable pyramid mesh teabags made from poly lactic acid polymer resin by lactic fermentation of glucose, derived from corn starch, by an enzyme and polymerization (basically it's good for the planet i.e ally AF) Our tea bags use an innovative pyramid design which is essential in a number of ways and help to ensure optimum brewing.

30 teabags are held within the delightful, heat-sealed for freshness, pouch.

How about enjoying this relaxing in the garden getting some fresh air. The taste of freedom. 

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