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OP Maltas Hope

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      Op Maltas Hope


  • Tommy Approved.
  • A blend of Chinese & Japanese Green Teas with a citrus and herbaceous note with earthy tones.
  • Whole leaf tea.
  • One month supply, 30 Individual Tea Bags.
  • SOILON® biodegradable pyramid teabags.
  • A brew that will relax you after a hard day's graft.

Fortress Malta, 1942. 

Since 11th June 1940, this Mediterranean Island has been a bombing site for the Italian Navy and Airfleet and recently the Axis Luftwaffe. The island is surrounded by naval minefields and every attempt of support from supply ships are destroyed. 

A major supply convoy is en route from Gibraltar with essential supplies of food, water, fuel and ammunition. 

Tommy has been up for three days. Lost his side-cap in the last bombing and had to "borrow" someone else's. He hasn't worn a fresh shirt in at least a week. Mag pouches keep falling off his webbing as his strap broke and the QM's shelves are empty for a change. Mouse holes starting to appear in his pockets. Razor's blunt so the Badge had a go at him for not shaving properly and told him to get  a haircut. As if that wasn't enough, a Jerry pilot has just put a round through his mug and spilled a perfectly good brew on his boots. Tommy and his comrades along with the citizens of Malta are in hell right now but are holding firm and riding this out.

Op Malta's Hope is a restful yet zesty blend of Chinese Sencha green tea and Japanese roasted Hojicha green tea. With the hope of Malta returning to its once Mediterranean paradise, you experience a glimpse, with sweet Orange Blossom and sharp Lemon Myrtle from the orchards with a soothing sprig of basil. Taking time out of your day to indulge, smell, taste and relax, you can forget about the bombardment and look forward with optimism to your next brew and mission. 

No need for milk in this brew....there isn't any. The fridge was hit during the last bombing raid. 

Op Malta's Hope has 2.5g of whole leaf tea per individual bag. We use SOILON® biodegradable pyramid mesh teabags made from poly lactic acid polymer resin by lactic fermentation of glucose, derived from corn starch, by an enzyme and polymerization (basically it's good for the planet i.e ally AF) Our tea bags use an innovative pyramid design which is essential in a number of ways and help to ensure optimum brewing.

30 teabags are held within the delightful, heat-sealed for freshness, pouch.

How about enjoying this with a slice of Victoria Sponge cake.

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